About Langley Recycling

Langley Recycling, Inc. is committed to buying, selling, and processing scrap metal with the knowledge and professionalism to make us a leader in the scrap metal business. We are one of the largest metal recycling facilities in the Kansas City area. We are constantly upgrading our processing equipment and facility to improve product quality, maximize cost-efficiency and keep our prices competitive.

However, the resource that keeps us on the leading edge of the industry is our people. These are the people who take the time and make the effort to know their customers and their jobs better than anyone else in the industry. Our customers tell us we have the best staff in the business, and we plan to keep it that way.
One of our concerns has always been the protection of the environment. As part of our effort to stay on top of the increasingly complex laws and regulations, we have an ongoing program to identify materials that we can safely recycle and those we cannot.
We stress our continuing commitment to safe, environmentally responsible recycling when you send your materials to us. They will be handled in a responsible manner.
If you are tired of the hassles of dealing with corporate mergers and huge publicly held corporations, give Langley Recycling a call. We can help make sense of the corporate maze by offering you personalized service, quick pay terms, and competitive pricing.