Catalytic Converter Recycling in Kansas City

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Catalytic Converter Scrap Price as of 4/14/2021: $0.42/lb

(*Note: Quoted prices are subject to change at any time. Scrap prices can change on a daily basis so feel free to call ahead if you have any questions)

Get Cash for Your Catalytic Converter!

When the time finally comes to say goodbye to the car that has carried you for countless miles, don’t throw away and waste all its precious parts! At Langley Recycling, we know the value of a catalytic converter and are prepared to pay top dollar to recycle this part from your old junk car. 

  While this piece spent its life converting your vehicle’s dangerous gases into something less harmful to the environment, let it now convert itself to cash for your pocket. Bring your scrap to us and we will sort it here on-site to find all the other recyclable metals you have that can be turned in, like aluminum and stainless steel. 

Our Simple Catalytic Converter Recycling Process

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Not sure where to sell catalytic converters in Kansas City?

At Langley Recycling, we make sure that your top priority of getting the best price for your scrap is ours as well, but we don’t stop there. When you recycle and sell with us, our team will work hard to treat you fairly and guarantee a quick and easy process – all while reducing our unnecessary waste to keep our local environment healthy.

Have something more than just the catalytic converter from your old car? We are happy to accept a variety of other scrap metals including cooper, stainless steel, aluminum, and more! We can also pay you for your batteries and the entirety of your junk car if you’re ready to full part with your old ride.  

Trying to Find Out Who Buys Catalytic Converters in Kansas City?

We are proud to serve the greater Kansas City area and have been doing so since 1921. During this time, we have committed ourselves to understanding the importance of recycling everything from scrap copper to vehicles and their parts with the purpose of helping the environment by decreasing the amount of mining necessary in the world. We consistently upgrade our equipment to keep up with the advancing technology and processes available to make the most of every ounce of scrap that comes through our doors. 

  Before we were Langley Recycling, we were also individuals looking to sell our unused scrap for recycling. We quickly found the huge corporations in the business not only didn’t care about us, but they also didn’t always offer fair pricing. That’s why we make professionalism and customer service our top priorities because you deserve an easy process and top-dollar for your every experience, every time.

What are catalytic converter buyers looking for and how can I get the most cash for my catalytic converter?

At Langley Recycling, we have very few requirements from you in order to accept your catalytic converter. Like many other recycling plants, we prefer original converts and not those that are aftermarket because those manufacturers aren’t held to the same standards as the original factories are. With that being said, we are still happy to accept it as long as it has been removed from your car and brought in by you for inspection.

  At the end of the day, the price you can receive in exchange for your catalytic converter all depends upon the amount of precious metals that make up the part. While some converters from more budget automotive brands require a lower ratio of those vital metals, others from luxury brands may have a higher ratio; no matter what, we will quote you a fair price accordingly. Bring your year, make, and model (and serial number, if possible) to us to receive your quote!

Why do people recycle catalytic converters?

While this automotive part may just seem like a small piece from something much larger that could be recycled, this little part is actually made up of anywhere from three to eight grams of precious metals. While we can certainly continue to mine the Earth to source these metals, industries will pay top-dollar for the recycled product because it is significantly kinder to the environment and stress-free to source. 

  When you make the decision to recycle your catalytic converter, you are not only decreasing the amount of mining necessary for countless industries around the world, but you are also decreasing how often miners are working underground in the unsafe and unstable conditions the mining business is known for. A decrease in all these factors is better for the environment in countless ways and can help you feel like you are doing your part to reduce your environmental impact, even if it is in just a small way.