Copper Recycling in Kansas City

Bring in Your Scrap Copper, Get Paid

Copper Scrap Price as of 4/14/2021: $0.42/lb

(*Note: Quoted prices are subject to change at any time. Scrap prices can change on a daily basis so feel free to call ahead if you have any questions)

Instead of throwing away unwanted scrap copper, why not bring it to Langley Recycling and get paid for it? Recycling scrap copper is a great way to earn money, help the environment and conveniently get rid of your unwanted items.

If you’re uncertain of whether your item is copper, as metal experts, we’re best fit to help you figure it out. All you need to do is either call us or send us a picture and we’ll guide you through the rest.

Copper resides in lots of common household items – things that you might not even realize. Next time you’re ready to throw away electrical wire, cooking pots, piping, car radiators and more, remember that you can earn yourself some cash by bringing it to Langley Recycling.

The Best Copper Scrap Yard Near Me in Kansas City

Our Simple Copper Scrap Recycling Process

Bring In Your Scrap

Take your scrap to our clean, easily accessible facility.

Get Weighed

Our team will review and weight your scrap materials

Get Paid

Get paid right away in cash, Bitcoin, Venmo or any other method you prefer.

Not sure where to bring your scrap copper in Kansas City?

Decided you’d like to recycle your scrap copper, but not sure where to turn? Not to worry, at Langley Recycling, we’ve got your back.

We’ll give you the best price for your scrap copper – a great reward for choosing a scrapping method that reduces waste and helps our environment. Our team is committed to making sure everything is to your convenience and that you’re treated fairly. We’ll look after you at every stage of the journey; from the very first call, to answering questions, to handing over your well-deserved cash.

And it’s not just copper we can help with. We’re specialists at recycling metal materials (both ferrous and non-ferrous) and can take aluminum, cast-iron, steel and brass. If you’re unsure whether we’ll take certain items, just give us a call and we can advise you. 


Yes, copper is infinitely recyclable without losing its properties or qualities. About 75% of all copper is made from recycled copper. And the remaining 25% is used to create wires due to necessity only. Both recycling copper and using recycled copper helps reduce pollution. 

Yes, copper is environmentally friendly due to its fantastic electrical and thermal conductivity and being 100% recyclable.

According to experts, only 12-13% of the world’s copper has been mined, so you may be wondering why there’s such a strong focus on recycling it. This is because recycling copper uses between 10 and 15% of the energy that mining copper does, reducing carbon emissions and therefore safeguarding the environment.

Yes, copper is 100% worth recycling. Copper that’s been recycled is worth up to 90% of the original metal! As well as helping the environment by avoiding landfill, recycling copper helps reduce the cost of new copper products.

Copper is incredibly easy to recycle. All you need to do is take your scrap copper to a recycling facility that specializes in metal, like Langley Recycling. If you’re not sure whether your item will be accepted, give us a call first and we can advise you.

When you bring your item in, we’ll take it off your hands and pay you depending on the current copper scrap price. You can then leave and we’ll do the rest.