Bronze Recycling in Kansas City

Bring in Your Scrap Bronze, Get Paid

Bronze Scrap Price as of 4/14/2021: $0.42/lb

(*Note: Quoted prices are subject to change at any time. Scrap prices can change on a daily basis so feel free to call ahead if you have any questions)

Do you have scrap bronze lying around at home? Not sure what to do with it? We’ve got you covered. Here at Langley Recycling, if you bring us your scrap bronze, we’ll pay top dollar for it.

Bronze can be found in many household/everyday items such as musical instruments, springs, medals, sculptures, jewelry, pipes, wires and alloys.

Metals can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between. So if you’re not sure whether it is bronze that you’re looking at, we can help. Just give us a call or send us a picture and we can guide you to your next steps, regardless of what kind of metal you’re dealing with.

Our Simple Bronze Scrap Recycling Process

Bring In Your Scrap

Take your scrap to our clean, easily accessible facility.

Get Weighed

Our team will review and weight your scrap materials

Get Paid

Get paid right away in cash, Bitcoin, Venmo or any other method you prefer.

Not sure where to bring your scrap bronze in Kansas City?

Stuck with some bronze items you aren’t sure how to dispose of responsibly? Well you’re in the right place. Langley Recycling is a metal recycling facility based in Kansas City. We specialize in recycling both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and we’d love to help you responsibly recycle your scrap bronze.

It’s much more expensive and costly to the environment to create bronze from scratch than it is to recycle it. This is why it’s so important to recycle your bronze, rather than dispose of it another way. The scrap bronze price is also frequently changing depending on the international bronze market, so be sure to check the current cost with us before you come. We’ll always try and get you the best deal.

You can be assured that when you use Langley Recycling to get rid of your scrap metals, we’ll do so responsibly. We’re dedicated to working with complex laws and regulations, as well as ensuring that all materials are recycled as safely as possible

Plus if you have other metals, we can help with those too. Bring us your aluminum, steel, tantalum, cast iron and more, and we’ll give you cash for your scrap.


Yes, bronze can be recycled along with other non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. In fact, bronze is a very valuable metal to recycle and it’s worth a lot. When you come to recycle your bronze scrap, you need to make sure you take it to a facility that deals with non-ferrous metals, to ensure it’s recycled safely and responsibly.

Bronze is an extremely sustainable metal due to its recyclability and the fact it is able to maintain its properties. These include being robust, structurally sound and long-lasting (although this will vary depending on the composition of the bronze, as it’s usually mixed with different materials to determine strength and overall resistance to corrosion). For example, 88% bronze is most commonly mixed with 12% tin to boost its properties and make it last even longer.

The main reason for recycling bronze (or any metal/recyclable material) is usually to reduce harm to the environment. When metals are made from scratch, the extraction process causes pollution to nearby soil, air and waterways, not to mention noise pollution. Creating metals from scratch also uses up the earth’s natural resources, which puts pressure on non-renewable energy. 

It’s both cheaper (for the business and consumer) and more environmentally friendly to use recycled metals rather than mine more. And that’s why your scrap metal is extremely valuable to recycling facilities like ourselves at Langley Recycling.