Drum Recycling in Kansas City

Get Paid for your Drum Scrap

Scrap drum prices vary depending on materials and condition.

Utilizing drums for transporting your materials is a fantastic way to manage your business or source bulk materials, but the burden of keeping the empty drum around can be more hassle than it’s worth. Instead, bring your empty metal and plastic drums to us to be recycled and get cash in exchange.

Drum recycling with us is as straightforward and as easy as it gets; bring your empty, non-hazardous containers to us and we will in turn put together a fair quote based on the value of the materials we assess, whether it be aluminum, steel, or something else recyclable.

Our Simple Recycling Process

Bring In Your Scrap

Take your scrap to our clean, easily accessible facility.

Get Weighed

Our team will review and weight your scrap materials

Get Paid

Get paid right away in cash, Bitcoin, Venmo or any other method you prefer.

Drum recycling in Kansas City

 At Langley Recycling, we make sure that your top priority of getting the best price for your empty drums is ours as well, but we don’t stop there. When you recycle and sell with us, our team will work hard to treat you fairly and guarantee a quick and easy process – all while reducing our unnecessary waste to keep our local environment healthy.

Have something other than your old drums that you’d like to recycle? We are happy to accept a variety of common scrap items including copper, aluminum, catalytic converters, batteries, and more! We are also prepared to pay you for larger recyclables like stainless steel scrap and junk cars; just bring your scrap by and we will sort it and quote you the best possible price for everything.


Like many other metals and materials, you will first need to empty your drum of any materials it was storing and give it a thorough clean. Then, make sure any potentially dangerous cracks or breaks in your drum are clearly marked for both your and our team’s safety.

Absolutely! At Langley Recycling, we understand that as a business, it’s better on your bottom dollar to sell the empty drums you no longer have use for, rather than tossing them out with the garbage. Give us a call or visit us on-site to give us a heads up of how many drums you plan to bring our way and we will set aside time to dedicate a team member to assessing your recyclables and putting together a quote for you.

While we accept and offer a fair price for a wide variety of drum scrap, we don’t accept any drums dedicated to the transportation of hazardous materials. Even if these drums have been emptied of their contents, we still prefer to avoid potentially dangerous situations and prioritize the safety of both you and our team.