Stainless Steel Recycling in Kansas City

Bring in Your Stainless Steel Scrap, Get Paid

Stainless Steel Scrap Price as of 4/14/2021: $0.42/lb

(*Note: Quoted prices are subject to change at any time. Scrap prices can change on a daily basis so feel free to call ahead if you have any questions)

Since the Industrial Age, we have been recycling and reusing stainless steel for decades. Because of its long lifespan and the growing rise in population across the country, the demand for stainless steel has never been higher! At Langley Recycling, we are happy to assess your stainless steel and pick out what is ready to recycle so we can quote you the best possible price. 

  Stainless steel is often found around the house in things like silverware, knives, storage containers, and even in your home’s fixtures like your kitchen sink or bathroom faucet. We also accept similar materials like brass, copper, and aluminum so you can turn the clutter around your home into cash at the end of the day.

Our Simple Stainless Steel Scrap Recycling Process

Bring In Your Scrap

Take your scrap to our clean, easily accessible facility.

Get Weighed

Our team will review and weight your scrap materials

Get Paid

Get paid right away in cash, Bitcoin, Venmo or any other method you prefer.

Not sure where to bring your scrap stainless steel in Kansas City?

At Langley Recycling, we make sure that your top priority of getting the best price for your brass scrap is ours as well, but we don’t stop there. When you recycle and sell with us, our team will work hard to treat you fairly and guarantee a quick and easy process – all while reducing our unnecessary waste to keep our local environment healthy.

  Have something other than stainless steel you would like to see if you could sell? We are happy to accept a variety of other scrap metals including cooper, brass, aluminum, and more! We are also prepared to pay you for your junk cars, batteries, and other recyclable metal-based materials – bring your scrap by and we will sort it for you and quote you at the best possible price.

How can you get the best stainless steel scrap price in Kansas City?

Here at Langley Recycling, we make it our top priority to stay up-to-date with the price stainless steel is going for in the greater Kansas City area, as well as nationwide. It is our promise to you that ever transaction will only be offered the best price possible for your scrap recycling, not matter the type or amount you bring to us. 

  Just like gold, the price of stainless steel scrap metal changes every day. While you can certainly track the average daily price yourself, we always welcome you give us a ring to check! However, regardless of the daily rate for any given day, we here at Langley Recycling promise to offer you the fairest, best price available for your stainless steel by the pound. If you’re not sure how much scrap you have to sell, that’s okay! Bring it to us and we will do the sorting for you.

Is all stainless steel scrap recyclable?

Yes, all forms of stainless steel scrap are recyclable! This is because this form of steel is actually made up of multiple elements in a careful ratio to achieve that signature shine and finish we are all familiar with; these elements include iron, nickel, chromium, and molybdenum, all of which can be separated out and reused for their own purposes when the scrap is melted down to be repurposed. 

  Thanks to its durability and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel is abundant in things like appliances, tools, and construction materials that we use every day. This is because the elements inside this form of steel can be easily recycled again and again, making it a wonderful renewable resource. Because stainless steel is also resistant to bacteria growth, there is extraordinarily little cleaning involved before we are able to recycle it. Give your scrap a quick wipe down before bringing it to us and we will be happy to give you a fair quote in exchange.

Are there any surprising sources of stainless steel scrap that can be recycled at a good price for cash?

You have more stainless steel lying around the house than you think! This metal material is abundant in many kitchen accessories such as the knives that got too dull to continue using, much of the cutlery and cooking accessories you use each day, as well as the larger elements like your kitchen sink or faucet; you may even have old storage containers with stainless steel lids that can be turned in for cash.

  There are also many parts and pieces in older vehicles that were from the era where stainless steel was still commonly used in the construction of cars. We have seen stainless steel come from all kinds of surprising sources, so if you aren’t sure if what you have is true stainless steel or not, give us a call and we’ll talk you through our most popular (and most uncommon) sources so you can know exactly what to bring in to exchange for top-dollar.