Scrap and Junk Car Recycling

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Vehicle scrap prices vary. Call us at 816-924-8452 to discuss your vehicle.

There comes a time in every car’s life that they have finally driven their last mile and can no longer run. When you’re ready to part ways with your old junk car, bring it to us at Langley Recycling. We will offer you cash for all the vital, recyclable scrap metal and parts we can salvage and dispose of the rest.

  Old vehicles contain tons upon tons of scrap metals, including steel and copper, and recyclable parts, like a catalytic converter, that can be melted down or repurposed. Selling your junk car can not only provide materials for other pieces to be manufactured from, but it also saves the environment from unnecessary waste. Plus, it makes more room for your new ride in your driveway!

Please Note: You must have a valid photo ID and title to your vehicle. We cannot accept junk vehicles without proper documentation. 

Parts and Salvage Yards - We'll Come to You!

If you run a parts or salvage yard and need crushing or bailing services for your vehicles, we will come to your yard and handle the entire process for you. We arrive with our own equipment and brush, bail, load and haul your scrap vehicles.

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Get cash for junk cars!

At Langley Recycling, we make sure that your top priority of getting the best amount of cash for your junk car is ours as well, but we don’t stop there. When you recycle and sell with us, our team will work hard to treat you fairly and guarantee a quick and easy process – all while reducing our unnecessary waste to keep our local environment healthy.

Have something other than your old ride that you would like to sell?

We are happy to accept a variety of common scrap items including copper, aluminum, catalytic converters, batteries, and more! We are also prepared to pay you for larger recyclables like stainless steel scrap and some commercial scrap; just bring by what you have, and we will sort it and quote you the best possible price for everything.


We are happy to accept any make, model, or year vehicle you would like to bring to us. Every car on the market has different ratios of the vital scrap materials and parts we look for, but we will still provide our assessment and a quote for any car you can drive, tow, or drag down.

  It is important to remember that the things we look for that increase the value of a junk car, so we may not determine the same value for every vehicle that we assess. However, we understand that getting your old car out of your driveway is your top priority, so we will still offer a fair price for your former ride so you can part ways knowing that you got the best rate in exchange.

 Not at all! In fact, it is typically better when you have an old car that no longer runs that you’d like to scrap! Because we are not a junkyard with the goal of bringing vehicles back to life, we don’t plan on using your junk car for anything but scrapping it for recyclable materials and salvageable parts.

  While it may be easiest on you to bring your car to us while it can still be safely driven, we are happy to have you tow it to us, as well. Once you turn over your keys to us (if you still have them), we will run a full analysis to figure out how much of your scrap car is recyclable and the value of everything all together.

Our team of professionals is extensively trained in assessing the current recyclable value of everything in and on a junk car, so there’s no requirement to provide us with the full records of your vehicle. However, if you have it handy and choose to bring it with you, we will put it to use in our exam!

  One of the few things to keep in mind with getting cash for your junk car with us is that we prioritize the recycling of your catalytic converter if you have one.  We understand the high value attributed to this auto part, so we will offer you top dollar in exchange for this piece of your old car, in addition to everything else we can pay you for.

 Yes! Make sure to bring a valid photo ID and the title to the vehicle with you; while on-site, we will walk you through the sales process and how to properly sign over your vehicle to us.