The 9 Most Profitable Items to Scrap for Maximum Profit

Scrap metal is a valuable resource. In fact, the scrap metal industry has grown exponentially in the past few years. As a result, scrap yards, recycling centers, and other businesses that deal with the product have seen an uptick in profits as well.

If you’re re-doing your house, tearing down your home, or cleaning out your space, you might have items that are extremely valuable lying around.

What Are The Most Valuable Things To Scrap?

If you’re looking to make money off of the old items around your home, you might be wondering what scrap metal is worth the most money to sell right now. We’ve put together the top list of nine things people should consider scrapping for maximum profit:

1) Aluminum 

One of the most profitable items to scrap this year is aluminum. Aluminum has been used in many different industries, and you can find them everywhere from food cans, soda cans, siding, gutters, window frames, doors, and even cars!

The versatility of aluminum, as well as its availability, make it one of the best options for those who want to start scrapping metal today. Whatever aluminum you can collect around your home – from soda cans or bicycles – will be worth something when scrapped correctly at a recycling center!

2) Copper

Copper is one of the most valuable things to scrap that you can easily find around your home. It’s always in hot demand at the scrap yard, so you’ll make a pretty penny from it.

Copper can be found in wires, pipes, kitchen sinks, and fixtures. It’s a great item to scrap for those who are just starting their re-model project or ripping down their home since it’s likely you have some lying around the house.

3) Brass

While brass is not as common in your home, it’s still a great item to scrap.

Brass can be found in many places, including bed springs, door locks, candlesticks, trophies, and hinges. However, brass is often mixed with other metals like steel or aluminum, so it’s essential to take the time to sort through what you’ve gathered before taking it in for scrap, so you’ll know how much your items are worth.

4) Lead

There are many sources that provide lead, from pipes to pottery. However, if you’re looking for an easy way to scrap this material, then check your home, especially if it contains older antiques or was built a long time ago! 

While lead is not used in newer items, you can still find it in items like ceiling fans, old jewelry, children’s toys, lamp fixtures, and any old paint cans lying around. However, this heavy metal is usually mixed with items such as brass or copper and may be hard to find by itself.

If you do find pure lead, you’ll be able to make a good chunk of change from it because it’s rare to find.

5) Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a ubiquitous metal to find; therefore, it’s not as highly valued as others. In fact, Stainless steel is one of the most common items on scrap yards. Stainless steel can be found in refrigerators, old microwaves, cars, and more. 

Make sure to clean your stainless steel before selling it. If you sell it with any stains or grease located on it, you’re likely to get less money for it.

6) Platinum Jewelry

Platinum jewelry is very valuable to sell as scrap. It can be found in rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Platinum is so popular because it resists oxidation, is malleable and doesn’t tarnish.

What really keeps the prices so high is the scarcity of platinum since it can only be mined.

Besides jewelry, you might also find platinum in laboratory equipment, automotive converters, medical testing devices, barware, and even cigarette cases.

7) Used Appliances 

Don’t pass up large appliances when considering what items to scrap!

From fridges and stoves to washers and dryers, each appliance could be one of the most valuable things to scrap depending on what it is made of.

Scrapping these types of items requires some heavy equipment, so be sure you have someone nearby who can help move them before attempting anything else, or use a scrapping company to pick up your items for you.

8) Old Tools

Do you have old tools sitting around your garage? Instead of throwing them away, sell them for scrap. Like other scrap metal items, tools have a high value depending on what they are made of.

Just like appliances, you’ll want to ensure your tools are clean to get the most cash for them.

9) Computer Parts

If you have an old bulky computer you need to get rid of, sell it for scrap. While you can sell a computer tower by itself, you’ll get the most money back by taking it apart and selling the individual pieces for scrap.

You can also sell any old cables or wires you no longer need that are associated with the computer. Cables are worth nearly as much scrap metal as the computers themselves!

Why Are Scrap Metals Valuable?

Scrap metals are valuable because they can be melted down and used in other products. Unlike most items, scrap metal is valued for its material instead of what it’s made into– like when you purchase a new car versus an old one.

Most people have some sort of scrap item sitting around their home that could bring them extra income on the side, like any of the items we mentioned above.

Get Rid Of Your Scrap Items Today

If you have scrap metal sitting around your household or leftover from a project, it’s time to choose a company to get rid of it for you. Don’t delay the process of letting junk sit in your home when you could instead make some cash.

Whether you’re looking for high-quality buyers in Kansas City or need someone local that can remove all types of metals and other recyclable materials, Langley Recycling is here to help!

For more information on how we work with customers like yourself every day, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (816) 924-8452 today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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